About Minnesota Hook Hockey

Minnesota Hook AAA Hockey
Welcome To Something New And Exciting!

By design, we are not your typical program. We are something totally different.

We are for players that love hockey, love to train, love to skate, and love to learn. We are for families that just want their child to play hockey first and foremost. We are not solely based on skill level and do not have players participate in an evaluation process.

We believe hockey should be a fun and enjoyable experience for the entire family and extended family. Our goal is to create an environment where the players enjoy coming to the rink and working on their game. Our on-ice sessions are planned and organized with a mixture of skill development, skating and game situations at a high tempo.

The Minnesota Hook’s focus is for players and families to come together for the best hockey and family experience. We look for players to continue to grow as hockey players, teammates, leaders, and sons and daughters. We will help build hockey skills, character, and leadership.

Our experience has been positive with the players and families coming together from a variety of hockey backgrounds and associations. We have a family dynamic that supports the players and coaches. We are excited to continue this through the years with Minnesota Hook.

Who's Eligible?

We are looking for players with high compete level, strong family values and growth mindset towards hockey development. We will be filling teams with A and B caliber players.

The Minnesota Hook teams are made up of invites and referrals only. Each team that we host will feature 13 skaters & 1 goalie per roster.

Please contact Coach Des for more information.

2022 Program Details

2008-09 Girls Team

  • 16 hours of practice with a professional coach
  • 9 forwards per team
  • 4 defenseman per team
  • 1 goaltender per team
  • Jersey included for new players
  • Spring Stampede (Twin Cities) 5/6-5/8
  • Summer Round Up (Twin Cities) 8/12-8/14
  • All practices at All Seasons Arena in Mankato, MN (schedule below)