About Minnesota Hook AAA Hockey

Minnesota Hook AAA Hockey

Welcome to Something New and Exciting!
Minnesota Hook AAA Hockey Development.

We believe hockey should be a fun and enjoyable experience for the entire family and extended family. Our goal is to create an environment that the players enjoy coming to the rink and working on their game through practice. Our practices will be planned and organized with a mixture of skill development, skating and game situations at a high tempo. We feel our MN Hook players should be well rounded and are encouraged to play other sports in May, June and July.

Coach Des will oversee the entire program (all teams) and will use Coach's Discretion on Player Personnel, Team Placement, Positions and Operations.

Who's Eligible?

Hockey players that love to play hockey at the A, B, and occasionally C level, any position, any gender. If you are respectful, committed to working on your game and enjoy your teammates the Minnesota Hook is right for you. We will have a Code of Conduct on how we operate. 

For 2020, we are hosting a combined 2007-08 team.

General Schedule
  • April/May (Tournament)
  • May (Play other sports)
  • June (Go Fishing!)
  • July (Family Time)
  • August (Tournament)
  • 2 tournaments (Spring/Summer)
  • 20 hours of practice with a professional coach
  • 9 forwards per team
  • 6 defenseman per team
  • 2 goaltenders per team
  • 4 practice players (3F/1D) per team
  • All practices at All Seasons Arena (Mankato, MN)
  • Home and away game jerseys
  • Home and away game socks

2007-08 Team
Forward ($850)
Defense ($850)
Goaltender ($650)
Practice Player** ($450) - Limited Space




*Tuition will be split into two installments with half upon registration and the balance due in February.

**Practice Players attend all team practices and team events (excluding Tournament weekends) but do not participate in tournament games. Limited to just 4 players per team.

***All tuition is non-refundable.